IDIA Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the IDIA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. We hope that the below information will answer any of the questions that you have. In the event that you still have a question after fully reviewing this page, please visit our contact page to directly communicate with us.

General Website Questions
Technical Questions
Rutgers Model United Nations (RUMUN) Registration Questions

Rutgers Model Congress (RMC) Registration Questions

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General Website Questions

Will IDIA share my personal information with outside vendors?
IDIA has a strict privacy policy that protects all of the personal information our users provide. Please visit our Web Policies page for more information.

Why do advisors need to create an account before registering?
The IDIA Online Registration System requires all advisors to create an account on our system before registering for a conference event so we can track each school's account through a single contact person. If you have already created an account on the IDIA system, please log in using the form above. If you would like to create a new account, please click here.

How can I have my account information resent to me?
At the moment you may have your account login information sent to you by clicking the "forgot login?" link in the upper right portion of the screen, just below the login button. You may view and edit your account information from the control panel page you see upon login.


Technical Questions

What are my Internet Brower's minimum requirements to view
We recommend that you view the website with the latest version of Internet Explorer. However, the site will function properly in both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or higher. We also recommend that you adjust your monitor settings to 800x600 pixels or higher.

Why do I need cookies turned on for to work? uses cookies to store your session information so that you may access certain areas of the site that require a login. If you have turned cookies off in your browser you will not be able to access these sections of the site.


RUMUN Registration Questions

When and where will RUMUN 2002 take place?
The 11th annual Rutgers Model United Nations will take place from Thursday, 21 November through Sunday, 24 November 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ. New Brunswick is approximately 40 miles south of New York City and can be easily reached by train, car, or air (Newark International Airport is 40 minutes away).

What is the difference between 'Pre-Registration' and 'Full-Registration?'
For your convenience, registration for RUMUN is divided into two easy steps: 'Pre-Registration' and 'Full-Registration.' During 'Pre-Registration,' advisors provide estimates of how many students and teachers from their school will attend the conference, and request the delegations and committees in which they would like to participate. During 'Full-Registration,' advisors must provide their school's final number of conference participants, rooming lists, permission slips, and position papers.

When does 'Pre-Registration' open for RUMUN 2002?
'Pre-Registration' for RUMUN 2002 opens at 12:00 PM (noon) EST on 15 May 2002.

Can I mail in my registration?
With the debut of the new, IDIA no longer offers a mail-in paper registration option for any of our conferences and programs. Please visit the registration section of our website to sign up for RUMUN.

When will I receive my delegation assignments?
Delegations will only be assigned after IDIA receives the applicable registration fees. Once funds are received, the RUMUN staff will contact advisors via phone and email with their delegation assignments.

When do I need to submit my 'Full-Registration' information?
Full-Registration, which includes submission of final payment forms, rooming lists, and committee assignments must be submitted online by 15 October. Full payment, in the form of check or money order, must be received no later than the 15 October deadline. Late payments will result in a $100.00 late penalty. There will be no refunds of any kind made after 1 November 2002.

Some of my students are commuting, and others are sleeping at the hotel. How do I tell this to IDIA?
Advisors will have the opportunity to differentiate between students sleeping at the hotel and those commuting to RUMUN during the 'Full-Registration' process in September 2002.

Why is there a 15:1 student/faculty ratio?
IDIA requires a 15:1 student to faculty ratio at our events to assure adequate supervision of all conference participants. All students who attend RUMUN remain the responsibility of their advisor throughout the four-day event. While IDIA provides late-night security at all hotel facilities to assist advisors, students always remain in their advisor's legal custody. As a reminder, there is no charge for chaperones to attend RUMUN. Up to four (4) faculty members may share one sleeping room at no additional charge.

Why can I only register for two (2) General Assembly / Specialized Agency Delegations?
As RUMUN grows in popularity, IDIA's goal is to welcome a diverse group of students to the conference. In achieving that goal, we must limit the number of students that may participate from each school. By limiting each school to two (2) General Assembly / Specialized Agency Delegations, RUMUN is guaranteed a level of diversity while still allowing schools to bring up to 58 students each.

What is the maximum number of students I can bring to RUMUN 2002?
Each participating school may bring a maximum of 58 students to RUMUN. This number is computed as follows:

  • 13 General Assembly / Specialized Agency Committees x 2 students each (working in pairs) = 26 students;
  • Each school may register for up to two (2) General Assembly / Specialized Agency Delegations, so (26 students x 2 delegations = 52 students);
  • 6 Advanced Committees x 1 student each (no pairs allowed) = 6 students;
  • 52 students + 6 students = 58 students maximum

On what basis are delegations assigned?
RUMUN staff will assign General Assembly/Specialized Agency Committees on a first-come, first-served basis. Advanced Committees will be assigned using a similar method, with the RUMUN staff making every effort to distribute these limited positions to as many schools as possible.

What is the difference between the General Assembly / Specialized Agency Committees and the Advanced Committees?
The General Assembly / Specialized Agency Committees are where the vast majority of RUMUN's attendees will participate. Each delegation is represented in every General Assembly / Specialized Agency Committee. Delegates may work in pairs in these larger committees. Each school may register for up to two (2) General Assembly / Specialized Agency Delegations. The Advanced Committees are reserved for outstanding delegates who are looking for a more challenging conference experience. Students in the Advanced Committees often debate more complex and intricate topics for longer periods of time then in the GA Committees. Additionally, delegates in the Advanced Committees are not permitted to work in pairs, thus assuring smaller committee size and a more interactive experience for participants. Each school may only register for one (1) position in each of the Advanced Committees. Please note that if your school is granted a seat in an Advanced Committee, you are expected to fill this position. Many of our Advanced Committees have specific representation, and for the committee to be a realistic simulation, all positions need to be filled. Please contact us immediately if you feel you need to change your Advanced Committee registration, and we will make our best efforts to accommodate your request. For an index of all of RUMUN's Committees, please click here.


RMC Registration Questions

Coming soon!


Payment Information

Who should checks be made out to?
All checks should be made out to The Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. To accommodate our accounting requirements, IDIA does not accept checks from each individual student. Please send one check for the full amount due at each deadline.

Does IDIA accept cash or credit card payments?
IDIA does not accept cash or credit cards at this time. All funds must be paid in United States dollars.

Why must I pay within two (2) weeks of registering online?
By limiting the payment period to two weeks, reserved delegations that have not been paid for can be re-released to the general public, thus assuring fairness to all conference participants.

What happens if my school's check does not get to IDIA within two (2) weeks?
If IDIA does not receive payment (or an official Board of Education Purchase Order) by the due date listed on your invoice, the school's registration request will be cancelled and you will need to register your delegations again. If you believe that the two-week deadline will be a challenge for you, please contact us at or and we will work with you to remedy the problem. Communication is the key! We cannot extend payment deadlines unless we hear from you BEFORE the due date listed on your invoice.

Who should I contact with payment questions?
If at any time you have questions regarding your school's payment status or would like to discuss payment options, please do not hesitate to contact IDIA's Chief Financial Officer, Arpan Dasgupta (, via email or through the IDIA hotline at +1 (732) 249-4227.

My school's Board of Education requires Purchase Orders. How do I submit PO's to IDIA?
At IDIA, the receipt of an official Board of Education Purchase order is considered the same as cash or a check. If you wish to pay via purchase order, please mail the PO to us by your payment due date at; The Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. 55 Raritan Ave, Suite 2-283 Highland Park, NJ 08904 USA We will return the necessary documents to your Board to assure payment. PO's not received within the two week payment deadline will result in the release of delegation reservations.

What is your policy on late payments and refunds?
In order to provide the best conference environment for all participants, IDIA enforces a series of strict guidelines regarding late payments and refunds. All payments must be received by their respective due dates. In preparing for each conference, IDIA incurs a host of expenses based upon a projected number of students attending. As such, it is imperative not only that your attendance estimates are accurate, but also that payment is complete and on time. There will be a $100.00 late fee applied to all full payments received after RUMUN's 15 October deadline. As always, IDIA accepts both school board checks and purchase orders. Schools and delegations that are not paid in full, either by check or purchase order, before the conference will not be granted admission to conference facilities. Please contact our offices as soon as possible if you are experiencing difficulty in meeting any deadline. IDIA also employs a strict refund deadline of 1 November 2002. There will be no refunds of any kind after this date. If at any time you need to make changes to your registration information, please do so through the IDIA registration system. Changes to delegation size should be done as soon as possible, but no later than the 1 November deadline.

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