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Franklin HS Model United Nations Conference 2016

Welcome to IDIA's online registration system. Online registration for IDIA conferences is highly recommended so that students may have access to the IDIA Conference Portal. The entire registration process, including committee assignments and rooming lists is managed through the IDIA website. If you would like to manage your registration off-line, please contact us at To begin the registration process, each school must select one faculty member who will serve as "Advisor" for registration purposes. To ensure that only authorized registration and adjustments are made, IDIA will communicate solely with the chosen advisor. The Advisor username and password are permanent, so faculty members do not (and should not) create a new account when registering for multiple conferences each year. If your school attends multiple IDIA conferences but has different Advisors for each, then each Advisor should create his or her own account. Other faculty members that chaperone students at our conferences will receive their own usernames and passwords, granting them access to the IDIA Conference Portal.

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or call us at (732) 249-4227.

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