Since 1992, IDIA has worked with undergraduate students to manage and operate premier programming in civic education for teachers and students.  Your support of our mission has contributed immensely to the lives of the more than 20,000 students who have participated in our various conferences and other programs, and we at IDIA are eager to give back to you.

group shotOver the coming months, IDIA will be launching a comprehensive Alumni Website to provide opportunities for our current and former staff members.  This website will be an opportunity for our more than 500 past and current volunteers to reconnect and share their experiences.  We believe that our staff can learn an immense amount both from each other, and from those that came before.

The IDIA Alumni Website will provide the following information:

A monthly newsletter will keep you updated on our new programs and other mission development.  The newsletter will also be an opportunity to feature current and former staff members to see where they are today.

Volunteer Opportunities
In the spirit of building community leaders, a host of volunteer opportunities has been posted here as a means of contributing to our own society.  Your ideas and specific contributions are always welcome.

Local Opportunities

International Opportunities

Job and Career Information
As an organization with such a wealth of highly-educated and qualified professionals, we would will be developing an interface in which people in the working world can offer their work-related insight and experience to our current staff members, and our alumni who are looking to shift the focus of their careers.

Graduate School Information
A look at our alumni shows that our staff goes on to prestigious universities to complete their education.  This section will provide first-hand feedback an insight from our alumni who have attended graduate school so that potential future graduate students will have a point of reference as they make their important choices about where to continue their studies.

IDIA Alumni Events
As we approach the fifteenth anniversary of IDIA, we will be working to connect and reconnect  all of our current and former staff members through a series of social programming and events.  We encourage everyone to take part and to see where IDIA is today – and what direction it is headed for tomorrow.

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