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Since its inception in 1992, IDIA has served the secondary school community throughout the United States by providing innovative and interactive programming that helps students to develop their voice in society.  Our programs teach the skills necessary for students to become young leaders, and to turn back the malaise of the nation's youngest voters.  IDIA firmly believes that an individual, equipped with the proper tools, is the best chance for positive social change - and we are working every day to ensure that the next generation of leaders has the knowledge and experience to continue the evolution of both our nation, and our world.

The foundation of IDIA's efforts is the Model United Nations and Model Congress programs.  These conferences bring together students from across the country and around the world to discuss pressing domestic and international issues.  At the same time, these participants are learning the hard skills they will need in the future: persuasive public speaking, conflict resolution, collaboration, research, and so much more.  IDIA conferences train students to become educated in a host of critical issues that affect their every day lives, and in so doing, empowers them to become the leaders of their generation.

Alumni of IDIA programs have gone on to prestigious colleges and graduate schools, and are emerging as the leaders of their communities.  They have secured jobs with the United States Department of State, worked with the Peace Corps, and some have even worked overseas to develop training and advocacy programs to assist others in their development.  The multi-disciplinary focus of IDIA programs, whether from the perspective of student participants, conference staff, or faculty advisors, empowers our alumni to become the vehicles for positive change the world over.

The nature of these conferences presents some challenges, however, as they cost a significant amount of money to operate.  IDIA relies upon school boards and individuals to ensure that students can participate in these rewarding experiences.  Our financial assistance program ensures that money is never the determining factor of whether a given student, or even an entire school, can participate.  To ensure that an accurate cross-section of the population can learn about their own community, and about the world, we need your assistance.

IDIA is equipped to accept both in-kind and financial donations, and all such contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent that is legally permitted.  A full 100% of any such assistance will go directly to allowing disadvantaged students from throughout the country to participate in our programs and to begin their development to their fullest potential. 

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