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Just starting your Model UN or Model Congress program? Looking for some research tips? Need some conference debate strategies? Trying to find a conference to attend? If so, then take advantage of the IDIA Conference Outreach Program, an initiative designed to help your team prepare for your next conference.

In the months before the conference, members of conference staff will travel to your school to help your students as they prepare for IDIA's Rutgers Model United Nations, Philadelphia Model United Nations, and Rutgers Model Congress programs. During these meetings, which can take place during the school day in your Social Studies classes or as an after school program, IDIA will send seasoned staff members to your school to work closely with your students as they prepare for the conference. Whether your students need help preparing their research, understanding rules of debate, learning debate skills, or just want to know what to expect when they arrive at the conference, IDIA's highly trained staff will facilitate a variety of sessions to ensure that they get the most out of the conference experience.

IDIA can also help both you and your students, even if you are not attending an IDIA conference.  We can assist you in working with you school administration, finding an advisor, picking the right conference, training your students about the rules of procedure, and all other aspects of your preparation.  If your school does not currently have a Model United Nations or Model Congress program and you are interested in developing one in your school, IDIA would be happy to help you build the foundation for this important program. In the past, IDIA has helped engage students at preparatory meetings, has helped rekindle the excitement of programs in decline, and has worked to maintain club membership at many participating schools. We will help your school develop a program whether or not you are able to attend our Model United Nations and Model Congress conferences.

For more information on the IDIA Conference Outreach Program, or to schedule a meeting for your school, please contact us <Link to contact us page, Conference Outreach Program on pull down>, and we can help you and your students as they take advantage of everything that these programs have to offer.

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