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With the advent of the information age, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain the attention of students. While the use of traditional textbooks and in-class discussion will remain integral to the education process, other strategies can be infused so that students remain interested and engaged in the course. The Tools for Educators About Civics and History (TEACH) program, sponsored by the Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. (IDIA), provides the resources necessary to assist teachers in the classroom of the 21st Century.

Education in civics and history is no longer about providing timelines and a list of important characters. Learning about these critical subjects has evolved greatly, and requires new teaching models. Such models include Simulation Education and Experiential Learning, both of which are taught and supported by IDIA. These models put the students in the role of the subject or individuals about which they are learning. Rather than gaining an understanding of important world events through reading sterile textbooks, students need to be immersed in those facts. By representing a historical leader and through reasoning important decisions, students will gain a better understanding of these happenings.  More importantly, with this innovative education style, they will have the skills necessary to assess historical events in various contexts, and will be able to make thought provoking arguments.

During TEACH seminars, IDIA will work with educators to develop the skills necessary to broaden student learning. Based upon more than a decade of civics education experience, the Simulation Education model provides teachers with an innovative and dynamic means to educate about important topics. After attending these seminars, teachers will be able to generate more interest lesson plans, and be able to engage their students in the curriculum.  With these tools, students will take an active role in their own learning, and will gain the life skills necessary to succeed, including public speaking, decision-making, negotiation, and historical analysis.  Best of all, these teaching practices work in concert with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind program.

The Institute for Domestic & International Affairs is a registered Professional Development Provider with the New Jersey Department of Education. If you would like more information about this program, please contact us.

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