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Rutgers Model Congress is an exciting opportunity to learn about how our own government works to address issues important to American citizens.  While at RMC, you will learn about the legislative process and dig deeply into important domestic and international issues.  But you will also meet new friends from around the country!

Overall, I felt that Model Congress was an enjoyable experience, but I feel really nervous talking in front of people, so it made it hard for me to speak.  But, I learned so much from listening to others and observing; from information about Congress to learning debate and working in groups. 

Student, Briarcliff High School

Best time I ever had in a committee.  It is extremely informative.  Rutgers Model Congress prepares its staff to be excellent directors and assistant directors.

Student, East Brunswick High School

I extremely enjoyed my committee.  I felt that debate was enjoyable and excitable.  I looked forward to coming to sessions because the people in my committee were intelligent, funny, and political.  Not only have I learned more than I can know about Watergate, I’ve made friends in this committee that I’ll talk to after RMC.

Student, Eastern High School

Geat conference – as always – RMC is always the best conference of the year.

Student, Hillsborough High School

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