Below is a list of the available roles in the advanced committees for Rutgers Model Congress 2010. These roles will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

New York City Mayor's Office

National Security Council

Deputy Mayor for Econ Development Chair of the NY City Housing Authority President Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Police Commissioner Vice President Director of National Intelligence
Deputy Mayor for Legal Affairs City Comptroller Secretary of State Chief of Staff
Deputy Mayor for Governmental Affairs Press Secretary Secretary of Defense Counsel to the President
Deputy Mayor for Operations Commissioner of the Department of Transportation Secretary of Treasury Asst. to the President for Economic Policy
Deputy Mayor for Education and Community Development Political Advisor Asst to the President for National Security
Chancellor of the Department of Education Chair of the Rent Guidelines Board
Chancellor of the City University of New York




Cuban Missile Crisis

FDR's First 100 Days

The West Wing

President John F. Kennedy Budget Director Lewis Douglss White House Press Secretary
Secy. of Defense Robert McNamara Secy. of Agriculture Henry Wallace National Security Advisor
Secy. of State Dean Rusk Secy. of Labor Frances Perkins Director of Communications and Media Affairs
Attorney-General Robert F. Kennedy Senior Advisor Raymond Moley White House Counsel
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Maxwell Taylor Federal Relief Administrator Harry Hopkins White House Staff Secretary
National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy Secy. of the Treasury William Woodin Director of Public Engagement
Director of Central Intelligence John McCone Secy. of Commerce Daniel Roper Director of Legal Affairs
Scy. of the Treasury C. Douglas Dillon Asst. Secy. of Agrictulre Rexford Tugwell Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson Secy to the President Louis Howe Director of the Domestic Policy Council
Special Counsel to the President Ted Sorensen Advisor Felix Frankfurter Director of the National Economic Council
Advisor Hugh Johnson Foreign Policy Advisor
Financial Advisor James Warburg Director of Speech Writing
Vice President John Nance Garner Director of the WH Office on Health Reform
Attorney-General Homer S. Cummings
Postmaster-General James Farley
Secy Navy Claude Swanson







Student Lobbyists










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