Dear Students and Faculty,

On behalf of the faculty, administration, and students of Rosemont College and the staff of the Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, I would like to invite you to attend the first annual Rosemont Model United Nations Conference, to be held on our Main Line campus on Saturday, April 24, 2010. RoseMUN is a new collaboration between Rosemont College, its students, and the non-profit IDIA, which has decades of experience of hosting Model UN conferences in the northeastern United States and the Dominican Republic.

RoseMUN is a one-day debate conference where high school students will research and discuss controversial international issues with like-minded peers. Participants will simulate world politics and assume the identity of one of the United Nations member countries and will debate on assigned topics relevant to one of five standing UN committees. These committees will be staffed and led by Rosemont College students that are interested in world politics, social studies, and most importantly, in creating intense and enlightening debates.

While students at RoseMUN are learning about world politics and addressing the world's most pressing policy issues, they will also be developing skills that are critically important to succeeding in our rapidly changing world. Learning to persuade, listen, compromise, and think on one's feet are more important in the 21st Century than they have ever been; students will practice these skills in a comfortable and lively environment with the support of Rosemont faculty and students. At the end of the conference, we expect that students will have gained a deeper appreciation for international politics and will also be more confident in their ability to engage the world around them.

This year's conference will focus on the theme of sustainability: a broad issue that impacts all people, regardless of status, culture, or beliefs. Each committee will discuss topics on the UN agenda that relate to our ability to use the world's resources in a way that will preserve them for future generations. Our goal is to demonstrate to our participants that sustainability goes well beyond recycling and solar panels; creating a sustainable future impacts global security, economic development, human rights, and even the nature of international law and this year's conference will capture that complexity and demonstrate it to our participants.

If you have any questions regarding the conference or the registration process, please contact us. I am looking forward to seeing you at RoseMUN!

Dr. David Bell Mislan

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Rosemont College

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