Benefits of RoseMUN

Commitment to Service
Rosemont Model United Nations is managed by the professional staff of the Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc., along with the staff of the Rosemont Model United Nations program. With more than fifteen years of experience in civic engagement and education programs, IDIA is the leader in the industry for providing customer service. We recognize that as an educator you are often busy with your teaching responsibilities, and do not have hours available to register and prepare for a conference. Our highly trained staff will work closely with you throughout all stages of the registration and conference process. We are committed to providing you and your students with the highest levels of service and assure your satisfaction.

IDIA Conference Portal
At RoseMUN, we believe that the educational experience of the Model United Nations program is critical. To better provide for this educational process, students are encouraged to make full use of the Conference Portal. Registered students are each assigned their own username and password to our website, and are granted access to a wealth of online content, including research anthologies from a variety of publications. In addition to the substantive resources students find in their online portal, they will also have access to a variety of discussion boards and scheduled chat sessions designed to better facilitate conference preparation.

Conference Outreach Program
To help students better prepare for RoseMUN, our staff will travel to your school free of charge in the weeks before the conference to provide students with a chance to meet some of their future directors, and to ask questions regarding the rules of procedure, debate topics, and research strategies. In the past, RoseMUN staff members have facilitated general preparation meetings, have explained and simulated the rules of procedure, and have helped students prepare their research at local libraries. Although optional, we encourage your school to take part in this innovative and helpful program.

Committee Briefs
In the months before the conference, students receive a comprehensively researched document outlining the complex issues surrounding the topics of debate. These committee briefs are designed to provide a foundation upon which students should build their own research. By providing extensive information to the students, we seek to provide a better focus for discussion at the conference.

RoseMUN Staff
The difference between RoseMUN and other Model United Nations conferences is our commitment to individual attention and education. Our low student to staff ratio allows our directors and assistant directors the opportunity to work directly with their students throughout the entire conference process - from the time students first receive their committee assignments through the end of the program. With the use of our innovative website, students have unlimited opportunities to speak directly with their directors as they prepare for the conference, and to develop meaningful relationships with their fellow students.

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