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On behalf of the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, I would like to invite you to attend Rutgers Model United Nations 2011. The conference will be held in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, from November 10th to 13th. During this four-day simulation of diplomatic dialogue, students will represent various countries and international actors. They will participate in debate and propose resolutions within their respective committees, highlighting some of the most pressing issues affecting our global community today. Students will not only have the opportunity to work toward developing their analytical and communication skills, but also widen their perspectives, engaging them as global citizens and allowing them to grow as both students and leaders.

By providing an exciting, professional environment that promotes cooperation and outside learning, RUMUN presents a dynamic experience that reaches beyond the conference itself. Composed of hardworking Rutgers students, our diverse staff spends a year in advance researching and drafting topic briefs. They will be available throughout the conference to offer guidance and assistance to delegates, helping to ensure that they leave with a memorable understanding of international affairs.

At RUMUN 2011, participants will explore the crisis of authority a concept that has been widely recognized as one of the most prominent phenomena governing international relations after globalization. This thematic focus deals with questions surrounding governance and state-building; it explores the role of political identities in shaping development and security. Today, this overarching premise has found itself at the center of countless global issues. From the expulsion of minority populations in France to the recent independence of South Sudan, this theme encompasses issues that deal with unstable legitimacy, the ramifications of colonialism, and diverging interests in an era of rapid globalization. Perhaps its culmination can be best seen in North Africa, where the calls for revolution have seen communities come together to reassert their rights to representation and basic freedoms. Whether an issue of nationhood, economic inequality, or even disaster relief, the crisis of authority is a theme that impacts both developed and developing states. Throughout the conference, students will face the question: how can the United Nations affect the status quo when member states do not adequately represent their populace?

To provide a comprehensive educational framework, RUMUN 2011 will have a number of distinctive topics. Traditional bodies will look to address controversial concepts ranging from state responsibility in times of crises and self-determination to child marriage and medical tourism. In addition, the conference will offer several specialized and advanced committees. While INTERPOL will tackle illegal cartels in Mexico's Drug War, UN-HABITAT will seek to address disaster management in an environment where even states like Japan are left seemingly powerless. Just a week after its actual gathering in Cannes, the G-20 Summit will prompt delegates to prioritize economic issues in a post-recession world. Set in 1960, the Historic Decolonization Committee will discuss the transition to statehood during the Algerian War. Set two decades afterward, the Historic Security Council will look to set an international policy for ethnic conflict during the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina. How students debate and compose resolutions within such committees will give valuable insight as to the role of the UN in a global environment of intense sociopolitical instability.

Registration for RUMUN 2011 will begin in May, on the IDIA website. Due to limited space, I strongly encourage you to register as early as possible. If you have any questions related to the conference or registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also organize outreach programs in schools, where experienced staff members help students prepare for the conference, and would be more than happy to provide more information. Thank you for your interest in RUMUN 2011, and we hope to see you there!


ilke Denizli
Rutgers Model United Nations 2011

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