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All change begins with one person and one idea. Empower yourself with leadership skills and social action tools by attending the World Youth Leadership and Activism Conference (WYLAC).

WYLAC prepares you for tackling important issues in your community. Whether you want to start a new club in school or become a vocal advocate for positive social change, WYLAC helps you develop a solid foundation from which you can start. And once the conference is over, our committed staff continues to provide resources and support to make your plans a reality.

Designed for high school students, WYLAC teaches you to identify issues in your community that need to be addressed and to build and lead diverse teams to bring about positive change. Unlike other leadership conferences, WYLAC is entirely interactive, immersing you in an important project from the very beginning. We believe that students learn best from other students, so at WYLAC instead of being lectured at by adults, you will work closely with your peer trainers.

Learning to become a leader can be hard work, but WYLAC makes it fun. WYLAC is about building relationships with your peers and partners, meeting new people and making new connections. WYLAC is organized to help you learn. But we also make sure you have fun. Throughout the program, there are several social events where you get to know the other participants, build important new memories and make new friends. This network can be essential - not only as new friends, but as allies and partners for when you put your plan in action.

You can make a difference. WYLAC will show you how.

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