The reference links below are designed to be general in nature.  They will provide you with some valuable resources on how to begin your research, but should not be the extent of your preparation.  If you have any suggestions on other important links, please let us know and we will add them to this list.

Model United Nations Links and Resources
United Nations Association of the United States of America:
UNA-USA offers a host of valuable resources for Model United Nations delegates.  Their website offers a comprehensive conference calendar, along with publications such as A Global Agenda and the Guide to Delegate Preparation.

United Nations Cyber Schoolbus:
The United Nations established this website as a resource for people studying the organization or preparing for Model United Nations conference.  Although basic in nature, it provides some valuable conference preparation information and materials.

CIA World Factbook:
The United States Central Intelligence Agencies revises the factbook annually to provide updated, but basic information about every nation in the world.  This resource is important for determining basic statistical information and for relative comparisons between and among countries.

World Bank Data and Statistics:
The World Bank maintains a database of important economic statistics for every country in the world.  These statistics should be reviewed when trying to determine the economic vitality of a given country.

Model Congress Links and Resources
United States House of Representatives
The House website offers links to each House committee, along with a listing of issues on the agenda.  The site also contains pages for individual members of the House of Representatives.

United States Senate
The Senate homepage is a valuable resource for researching topics of importance to the United States Senate.  Follow links to individual member pages to perform specific research on how senators have voted in the past.

As these links are located away from the IDIA website, IDIA cannot be responsible for their content.

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