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IDIA recognizes that your time is limited.  Registering for a conference should be easy and straightforward, and should require as little effort as possible.  To that end, IDIA has established a conference and registration procedure designed to minimize the logistical work that you need to do, allowing you to focus much more of your time in preparing your students to participate in the conference experience.

Streamlined Online Registration Process
The IDIA website offers a comprehensive registration system that will walk you through the process from beginning to end.  The website will manage your student information and hotel rooming assignments to ensure that even the most minute details are not lost.  The three step process asks for all of the information provided, and then the IDIA Conference Portal handles the rest.  Students will have unique usernames and passwords which they can use to access conference information that is specific to them, including committee histories and topic briefs, discussion boards, and online training sessions.

Hotel Accommodations
In an effort to make your role as advisor more manageable, IDIA manages all hotel reservations for participating schools.  We have developed long-standing relationships with our conference hotels that allow us to negotiate for low room rates.  Instead of having you contact a series of local hotels looking for inexpensive rates, we have done all of that for you - all we ask for are rooming lists, and we manage the rest.  More importantly, we work with the hotels to ensure that your school is located together within the hotel instead of having rooms spread throughout the facility.  Our conference staff also provides comprehensive security throughout the conference to ensure the safety of you and your students.

Online Position Paper Submission
One of the most important steps in the conference preparation process is the development of position papers by students.  These documents, which spell out the policy of a given country are an important step in understanding how the student should represent the country while at the conference.  Instead of position papers being returned to students during the conference and with seemingly meaningless comments, our directorate will review these submissions in a timely fashion and will share their comments with your students even before the conference.  Our conferences are designed to be educational experiences, and we are committed to ensuring that everything your students do serves to enrich their overall understanding of the issues at hand.

Timely and Supportive Communication
Our experienced staff is here to work with you.  Our offices are staff with people who can facilitate your registration, and should we not be available when you contact us, we will promptly return your call.  Additionally, we provide constant email communication to assist you throughout your preparations to attend our programs.  We are here to ensure that your conference experience is just as rewarding as it is for your students.

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